DOD FX-series effects pedal index

Each FX-series pedal has its own webpage with at least one image and basic information. Additional content (catalog scans, etc.) will be added as time and information become available, along with webpages for most of the other U.S.-made DOD pedals and accessories listed below. (For a list of recent updates, click here.) Note that listed years of manufacture may not (yet) be 100% accurate.

FX Series:DFX Series:

GFX Series (all made in China):
  • GFX25 Extreme Envelope Filter (FX25B)

  • GFX55 Extreme Supra Distortion (FX55C)

  • GFX64 Extreme Stereo Chorus (FX64)

  • GFX70 Extreme Distortion (FX70P)

  • GFX75 Extreme Stereo Flanger (FX75C)

VFX Series (all made in China):
  • VFX20C Stereo Phaser (FX20C)

  • VFX22 Vibro Thang (FX22)

  • VFX25B Envelope Filter (FX25B)

  • VFX40B Equalizer (FX40B)

  • VFX55C Supra Distortion (FX55C)

  • VFX64 Ice Box (FX64)

  • VFX66 Flashback Fuzz (FX66)

  • VFX69B Grunge (FX69B)

  • VFX75C Stereo Flanger (FX75C)

  • VFX84 Milk Box (FX84)

  • VFX86B Death Metal Distortion (FX86B)

  • VFX91 Bass Overdrive (FX91)

  • VFX96 Echo FX Analog Delay (FX96)

  • VFX102 Mystic Blues Overdrive (FX102)

FX-related accessories:

AC-series accessories:

Power supplies:
  • Model 500 A.C. Adaptor (Performer-series pedals only)

  • FX95 Power Adapter (c. 1983)

  • FX105 Power Supply (1982-1991?)

  • PS3 A.C. Adaptor (late 1980s-early 1990s)

  • PS50 AC Adaptor

  • PS-200R Power Supply

Pedalboards and related:
  • FX96 FX-series patch cord kit (c. 1983)

  • FX97 500-series patch cord kit (c. 1983)

  • FX98 Pedal Board Cover (for FX100; c. 1983)

  • FX100 Pedal Board (1982-86?)

  • PRC-6 Pedal Road Case (1987-91?)

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