FX87 Psycho Acoustic Processor / Edge

Two 'original series' cosmetic variants of the FX87 from 1988, labeled as the Psycho Acoustic Processor (left) and Edge

The FX87 debuted in late 1987-early 1988 as the "Psycho Acoustic Processor", an enhancer-type pedal not unlike the BBE Sonic Maximizer/Aphex Xciter/Boss EH-2. "Psychoacoustics" refers to how humans perceive sound, and like other enhancers the FX87 was designed to not be noticed when it was on, but would be noticable when turned off. Despite the simplicity of only one control knob (to control the amount of signal enhancement processing) and a LED meter (to indicate the amount of signal processing, and indicate an overload if the red LED is lit), the name of the pedal must have been confusing to potential buyers, because it was re-marketed as the FX87 "Edge" by mid-1988. Operation of the FX87 Edge must have still confused potential buyers, as it was discontinued in 1989.

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