FX65 Stereo Chorus

From left, original series from 1985 (early issue) and 1988, and second series (1990)

The DOD FX65 Stereo Chorus was introduced in 1985. Because the two-knob FX60 Stereo Chorus was not discontinued at that time, the three-knob FX65 was likely intended as a "step-up" chorus for intermediate musicians, with the FX60 re-marketed as an "entry-level" chorus for beginners. Like the FX60, the FX65 is an analog chorus and uses a MN3007 BBD chip, but also offers a control for Delay Time and two separate output jacks for stereo output. The FX65 was manufactured until about 1997, when it was replaced by the final-series FX65B Stereo Chorus.

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