FX55B Super Distortion / Supra Distortion

From left to right, "Super" Distortion pedals from early 1986 ('tall' knobs) and mid-1986 ('medium' knobs), then
"Supra" Distortion pedals from late 1987 (original series, 'medium skirted' knobs) and mid-1995 (second series, 'small' knobs)

DOD introduced the FX55B in early 1986; featuring a Tone control, it replaced the FX55 Distortion in DOD's lineup. DOD's original name for the FX55B was the "Super" Distortion, but by Fall 1986 it had become the "Supra" Distortion (see below). With a circuit very similar to the FX50B Overdrive Plus, but with a greater distortion effect and (initially) up to five times as much gain, the FX55B subsequently found a niche as DOD's "entry-level" distortion pedal. In 1987, the FX50B and FX55B's circuits were revised such that maxing out the Distortion knob also provided a boost in the output signal. The FX55B was discontinued by 1998, with the introduction of the final-series FX55C.

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