265 Stagehand Direct Box

The first three cosmetic variants of the 265 Stagehand Direct Box,
from the late 1980s, early 1990s, and mid 1990s (clockwise from top left)

The DOD 265 Stagehand Direct Box was conceived as a more stage-worthy version of the 260 Direct Box. In addition to the functionality of the 260 Direct Box, the 265 also included a ground lift switch to decrease hum plus a three-position pad switch to allow 0, 20, or 40 dB of attenuation (where 0 dB might be used for input levels such as a bass with passive pickups, while 40 dB might be used for line-level inputs). The 265 Stagehand Direct Box was introduced in the mid-1980s, and at least four cosmetic variants were produced, including the three shown above. Not shown is the final (made in China?) VAC series, which was produced into the early 2000s.

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