T2 Chromatic Tuner

T2 Chromatic Tuner, from the late 1990s

The T2 Chromatic Tuner was announced at the Winter 1997 NAMM meeting, at about the same time production of DOD's FX12 Tuna pedal tuner began. Likely based on the FX12's circuit, but adding a Recalibration feature, the T2 was probably intended to fill a gap in DOD's lineup for a small, low-cost tuner. However, with only three fine-tune LEDs (flat, sharp, and in tune), with no way of knowing howflat or sharp you were, using the T2 was probably less straightforward than other quartz tuners of the day with needle indicators. In addition, the T2's accuracy (e.g., +/- 3 cents?) was apparently never published, so it is difficult to compare it to other tuners. The T2 was not given a serial number sticker, and it is unclear how long it was produced. However, it appears that the T2 was discontinued by 1999.

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