FX30B Gate/Loop

Two original-series FX30B Gate/Loop pedals,
from late 1985 ("Delay") and early 1987 ("Release")

The FX30B Gate/Loop replaced the FX30 Noise Gate in DOD's lineup in 1985, adding the utility of a built-in effects loop or as a switch between two instruments (one plugged into the INput jack, one plugged into the RETURN jack). Like the FX30, the FX30B (at least initially) used a LM358N for the noise gate portion of its circuit. Unlike the Boss NS-2, which probably became the FX30B's main competitor upon its introduction in 1987, the FX30B could not be used to power other pedals with a daisy chain (although the pedalboards DOD offered already included a power supply). The FX30B was discontinued in 1994.

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