FX13 Gonkulator Modulator

Both cosmetic variants of the FX13, from early (left) and late 1996

The FX13 Gonkulator was a ring modulator designed for use with electric guitar. Its circuit combines DOD's Grunge distortion in parallel with a ring modulator (center frequency = 500 Hz). It is well-known as the effect heard in the song "Glass" by Incubus, and for having perhaps the least-intuitive control names of any DOD effects pedal. Two cosmetic variants were made, with the second (more rare?) version featuring the "real" control names above the knobs. The FX13 Gonkulator debuted at Winter NAMM 1996, but only remained in production until about 1997. Because of its limited production and subsequent popularity among noise artists, the FX13 now routinely sells for over $100 in the used marketplace.

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