FX-17 Wah/Volume

FX-17 Wah/Volume pedals:
early version with pinstripes (1988, left) and final cosmetic version (1993)

Introduced in 1987, DOD's FX-17 Wah/Volume pedal was fairly unique compared to other wah pedals available at the time. Its wah sound had a decidedly modern flavor, as opposed to a vintage Crybaby-esque timbre, and the FX-17 could also be used as a volume pedal or as a voltage controller. Because its circuit was designed to employ variable capacitance (see DIYguitarist's description of how it works, linked below) instead of an inductor (common in wah pedals) or potentiometer (common in volume pedals), the FX-17 boasted a more rugged design with fewer moving parts to wear out. However, its circuit is not entirely maintenance-free (see below). With its unique design, versatility as a wah, volume pedal, or voltage controller, and (relatively) small footprint compared to other wah pedals (although the FX-17 is larger than other DOD FX-series pedals), the FX-17 sold well enough to appear in catalogs until 2000. However, manufacturing may have ceased in 1998, based on serial number data.

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