DFX94 Digital Delay / Sampler

DFX94 Digital Delay / Sampler, from late 1997

The DFX94 Digital Delay / Sampler was introduced in late 1993, effectively replacing the DFX91 as the "pro"-level delay in DOD's lineup. At the time, the DFX94 was (to the best of our knowledge) the only compact digital delay pedal to offer 4 seconds of delay time. (The Boss DD-5, introduced in 1995, offered only 2 seconds of delay but also offered reverse delay and tap tempo, among other features.) The DFX94's basic circuit was similar to the DFX91, but with a maximum of 4 seconds of delay or sampling time instead of 1 second. The DFX94 was effectively discontinued with the announcement of the (never produced) DFX98 at Winter Namm 1998.

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