FX45 Stereo Reverb

FX45 Stereo Reverb (1985)

The DOD FX45 Stereo Reverb pedal was introduced in 1985, and was the first (and last) reverb pedal offered by DOD. To our knowledge, only DOD and Arion produced BBD chip-based analog reverb pedals in the 1980s. While the FX45's reverb effect sounds rather nice to our ears, with a SNR of only 80 dB it is somewhat noisier than most digital reverb pedals and is equally hard on batteries (be sure to power this pedal by an AC adapter if you plan to use it frequently). The FX45 appears to have been discontinued by early 1987, the same year that the Boss RV-2 Digital Reverb was released, possibly because the BBD chips used in the FX45 became difficult to find at a reasonable price.

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