210 Cable Tester

210 Cable Tester, from the mid-1990s

The DOD 210 Cable Tester (not to be confused with the DOD 210 FET Preamp, which was produced in the 1970s) allowed the user to check for continuity on a XLR cable or a 1/4" cable, with the touch of a button. While the practical value of a cable tester is obvious in a live sound or in a studio setting, the 210's price point (and thus its intended competition) is unclear. In its day, the DOD 210 probably competed with other basic cable testers such as the Peavey CT 1, but compared to modern accessories such as the versatile Behringer CT-100 Cable Tester (which is also able to test 1/8" and MIDI cables, at a street price of $30), the 210 falls woefully short. The 210 Cable Tester was apparently not produced in large numbers, and is relatively rare today.

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