FX52 Classic Fuzz

Both cosmetic variants of the FX52 Classic Fuzz, from late 1991 (left) and late 1996

DOD introduced the FX52 Classic Fuzz with three other distortion pedals (FX53, FX58, FX59) in early 1990, although serial number data imply the first few pedals were built at the end of 1989. Sonically, DOD described the FX52 as a mix of three different "classic" fuzz pedals -- the Maestro FZ-1 Fuzz Tone, the (Dallas-) Arbiter Fuzz Face, and the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff -- but to our ears the FX52 is closest to a Big Muff. Although the FX52 is no match for a Big Muff's gain, its fuzztone is similarly thick but more controllable and musical, and we feel it is one of the more underrated/undervalued pedals of DOD's early 1990s lineup. The FX52 was produced through at least late 1996; DOD aficionado David Chenzoff reports his FX52 was originally purchased in January 1998. However, the FX66 Classic Fuzz (which was based on the FX69B Grunge pedal's circuit), which was the de facto successor to the FX52 in DOD's lineup, did not appear until 1999.

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