DFX9 Digital Delay

DFX9 Digital Delay from early 1992, with original box

Introduced at Winter NAMM 1989, the DFX9 Digital Delay was advertised with the DFX5 and DFX6 in early 1990, and also appeared in DOD's FX.CAT90A catalog (see below). As DOD's first compact digital delay pedal, the DFX9 was intended to compete with the Boss DD-2/DD-3 series of digital delays, which had first appeared six years earlier. The DFX9's basic circuit was likely derived from the DigiTech PDS 1000 Digital Delay and its descendants. With the subsequent addition of the DFX91 (analogous to the Boss DD-5), the DFX9 became DOD's "entry level" digital delay. The DFX9 was discontinued by 1998.

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