DFX98 'EchoMatic' Digital Delay

The only known image of the DFX98 'EchoMatic' Digital Delay,
as part of DOD's 1998 "Tools of the Trade" advertisement

The DFX98 'EchoMatic' Digital Delay was announced at Winter Namm 1998, and advertised as part of DOD's reboot of the FX-series in 1998, but was never produced. Featuring up to 8 seconds of delay, the DFX98's circuit was likely based on that of the DigiTech PDS 8000 Echo Plus. However, it is unclear why the DFX98 was advertised but never actually produced. Even if a circuit offering 8 seconds of digital delay was technically feasible in a compact pedal size at the time, it may have been too expensive to meet its MSRP and successfully compete against pedals such as the Boss DD-5 (which was released in 1995 but only offered 2 seconds of delay).

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