220 Momentary Foot Switch

Two cosmetic variants of the 220 Momentary Foot Switch, circa early 1988 (left) and late 1988.

The 220 Momentary Foot Switch was apparently introduced in 1988, and appeared in DOD's FX Pedals Catalog until at least 1991 (FxCat.91B). Consisting of just a footswitch and one 1/4" jack (mounted where the battery cover would be) in a FX-series casing, DOD did not bother to include serial numbers on these pedals. In addition, some DOD 220s did not include a DOD marque plate, as shown above. Conceptually speaking, the 220's purpose/function is simple enough (see below), but we're unsure exactly which DOD/DigiTech devices the 220 was designed for... perhaps one of their rackmount effects processors? (Please feel free to let us know what you use your 220 for!)

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