FX92 Bass Grunge

FX92 Bass Grunge pedal from 1995, with original box

The FX92 Bass Grunge pedal was DOD's first overdrive/distortion pedal developed for bass guitar. Given the print date of its instruction manual (2/94), the FX92 probably debuted in early 1994 (although the oldest FX92 serial number we have seen corresponds to August 1994), which would have beat the Boss ODB-3 to the market by less than a year. While its instruction manual featured sample settings for Melvins, Prong, and Exit 13 sounds, as well as a suggested setting for vocals, the verbiage used in the manual implied that this pedal was not aimed at professional or even semi-pro musicians. The FX92 was discontinued with the introduction of the FX91 Bass Overdrive in 1998.

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