FX70 Metal X (FX70x)

FX70 Metal X (1995), with original box

DOD introduced the FX70 Metal X in late spring or summer 1993. While it shared the same basic circuit as the FX69 Grunge (and a similar "crackled" paint job, albeit in different colors), the FX70 Metal X was voiced as a high gain distortion pedal. The FX70 Metal X was also the first DOD pedal to re-use the model designation of an older pedal (the FX70 Stereo Flanger, which became the first FX-series pedal to be discontinued in 1984). The rationale for re-using an older number was probably twofold, in that the sound of the FX70 Metal X naturally followed the FX69 Grunge, and also DOD had almost completely run out of FX-series numbers in the 50s. Although the FX70 Metal X was a versatile and great-sounding distortion pedal, it was discontinued by 1996 and re-introduced as the (FX70C) Corrosion in 1997.

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