FX86 Death Metal

FX86 Death Metal (1995) with original box

DOD released the FX86 Death Metal by early 1994, probably at the same time as the FX33 Buzz Box. Designed for use with guitar or bass, the FX86 was painted solid black with a blood-red splatter finish befitting its name. The FX86 was unique among DOD's distortion pedals in that it featured three bands of eq but no distortion gain control, resulting in a somewhat limited pallette of distorted sounds (but perfect for extreme metal). DOD's self-imposed limit of four control knobs became readily apparent with the FX86, and made it clear that no DOD pedal would ever feature concentric pots (which Boss began using in three different pedals released in 1991, including their MT-2 Metal Zone). The FX86 Death Metal sold well but was ultimately replaced by the final-series FX86B Death Metal Distortion in 1998.

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