FX747 Supersonic Stereo Flange

Both cosmetic variants of the FX747 Supersonic Stereo Flange, from mid- (left) and late 1996

The FX747 Supersonic Stereo Flange was introduced at the Summer 1996 NAMM meeting. Although it was largely based on the FX75-B's circuit (with an analog MN3007 BBD chip, but modified for the new "final series" chassis design), the FX747 did not immediately replace the FX75-B in DOD's lineup. Two cosmetic versions of the FX747 exist, with or without the "real" control names on the top row just above its control knobs. The FX747 was "discontinued" in early 1998 with the release of the final-series FX75C, but the two pedals appear to be identical in all but name.

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