FX57 Hard Rock Distortion

FX57 from late 1988

The FX57 Hard Rock Distortion was introduced in late 1987, allowing the user to "thicken" their distorted sound via an analog delay of up to 40 ms. The idea of distortion plus delay to thicken one's sound had been previously explored with the DigiTech PDS1550 twin pedal (up to 40 ms of analog delay; introduced in 1986) and the Boss MZ-2 Digital Metalizer (also introduced in 1987), with the FX57 no doubt intended to compete at a lower price point. As its name implies, the FX57 Hard Rock Distortion's maximum gain and output levels are not as extreme as the FX56 American Metal. The FX57's Presence circuit is described as "an equalization circuit that reduces or enhances the bass of the distortion sound", but overall the non-delay portion of its circuit was likely based on the FX56. The FX57 was produced until late 1993.

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