FX32 Meat Box

FX32 Meat Box (1995), with original box (note the stickers of flies!)

The FX32 Meat Box (U.S.D.O.D. PRIME) was designed to give bass players a potentially earth-shaking low end, by blending a low 'subharmonic' tone (fixed at 35 Hz) with the bass guitar's output. Typical buildings can have a resonant frequency on the order of a few Hz, and while the Meat Box is unlikely to cause earthquakes (its effectiveness is also strongly limited by the quality of the speakers and cab further down the chain), it can help produce a bass sound that is felt as much as its heard. The FX32 can also be used by guitar players who tune lower than standard tuning, although only a bass amp should be connected to the 'wet' output from this pedal. The FX32's manual is dated February 1994, but serial number data and advertisements imply it was not available until later that year. Serial number data also imply it was available until at least 1997 (although production of circuit boards may have ceased in 1995). Because of its limited production and increasing popularity among noise artists, the FX32 now sometimes exceeds $100 in the used marketplace.

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