FX53 Classic Tube

Both cosmetic variants of the FX53 Classic Tube, from 1990 (left) and 1997

DOD introduced the FX53 Classic Tube with three other distortion pedals (FX52, FX58, FX59) in early 1990, although serial number data imply a few pedals were built at the end of 1989. The FX53 was probably intended to compete with the Ibanez Tube Screamer and other overdrive pedals of the day, including the DOD FX50B (although the FX53 was probably not marketed as a "pro"-level overdrive, as its list price was only $5 higher than the FX50B). While the Classic Tube never earned a similar reputation as the Tube Screamer, the FX53 was somewhat more versatile in that it could also serve as a distortion pedal if its Drive knob was maxed out, due to its circuit's Boost feature. The FX53 was produced and sold through at least mid-1997.

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