FX56-B Super American Metal

Both cosmetic variants of the FX56-B, from late 1991 (left) and late 1993

Introduced in 1990, the FX56-B Super American Metal was DOD's first distortion pedal to feature two-band (Low and Presence) e.q. controls. (In contrast, Boss had introduced the HM-2 Heavy Metal, with separate Low and High e.q. knobs, back in 1983.) While the FX56 American Metal sold well, at low Presence settings its distortion became somewhat muddy. With independent Low and Presence controls, the FX56-B could effectively provide a "scooped mids" sound even without a Mid e.q. control, and it was also better suited for drop-tuned guitars or bass. Although the FX56-B sounded great and was a worthy successor to the FX56, sales declined after Boss introduced the MT-2 Metal Zone (which offered three bands of e.q., including a parametric midrange control) in 1991, and the FX56-B was discontinued in 1994.

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