FX-105 Power Supply

Both versions of the FX-105, from the mid-1980s (left) and late 1980s

The FX-105 Power Supply was introduced circa 1982, apparently replacing the 200 Regulated Power Supply in DOD's catalog. While the FX-105 was included (sans a back plate) as part of DOD's FX-100 Pedal Board (which could hold any combination of five Performer-series and/or FX-series effects pedals), the FX-105 could also be purchased separately. Two different versions of the FX-105 were produced. The first version could power any combination of five Performer series pedals (via five 1/4" jacks) and/or FX-series pedals (via five 3.5mm mini jacks). After the Performer series was discontinued around 1985, the FX-105 was produced with only the 3.5mm jacks, for powering FX-series pedals only. Although the FX-100 pedal board was discontinued in 1987 with the introduction of the PRC-6 pedal board, the FX-105 was advertised in DOD catalogs through 1990.

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