FX90 Delay

Original series FX90s from 1984, later 1984, and 1987 (above);
second series FX90s from 1990 and 1992 (below)

The FX90 Delay was introduced in mid-1984 as the 12th DOD FX-series pedal. It was the last FX-series pedal to feature "bars" graphics and the first with three control knobs. Although its circuit was revised some 12 times (up to Revision L), the FX90 always used an analog MN3005 BBD chip, the same chip used in the first version of the Boss DM-2 Delay. We have found that the FX90 can be easily coaxed into self-oscillation, if the Mix and Repeat knobs are turned up high enough, without having to tweak any of its three internal trim pots. DOD produced the FX90 into the 1990s, well after their DFX9 Digital Delay was introduced, but it was discontinued by early 1993.

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