275 Active Direct Box

The first cosmetic variant of the 275 Active Direct Box, from the mid 1990s

The DOD 275 Active Direct Box was arguably DOD's first attempt to compete with pro-level direct boxes, such as the venerable Countryman Type 85 Direct Box. In addition to the functionality of the 265 Stagehand Direct Box, the 275 could provide phantom power via an internal 9V battery or a 3.2mm center-positive AC adapter, and also offered an expanded range frequency response. In place of the 3-position attenuation pad of the 265, the 275 had a two-position switch allowing it to accept speaker level inputs (gain of -40 dBu) or instrument-level inputs (-12 dBu). The 275 Active Direct Box was introduced in the early-1980s, and at least two cosmetic variants were produced; not shown is the final (made in China?) VAC series, which was produced into the early 2000s.

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