DFX7 Digital Stereo Flanger

The only known appearance of the DFX7 Digital Stereo Flanger,
as an illustration inside the DFX5's instruction manual

The DFX7 Digital Stereo Flanger was conceived as part of DOD's DFX series, but was never produced or even advertised. Likely based on the flanger circuit in the DigiTech PDS 1700 Digital Stereo Chorus/Flanger, it is unclear why the DFX7 never made it out of the gate. Even if DOD's digital stereo flanger's circuit was technically feasible in a compact pedal size, it may have been too expensive to produce. In addition, if its flanging effect was as mild as that of the PDS 1700, it might have been difficult to sell. Ibanez had apparently offered a digital chorus and a digital flanger as part of their "Master"/"L" and "10" series of pedals in the late 1980s, but they were discontinued by 1990 (which may explain why the DFX7 was never produced). To the best of our knowledge, no other company attempted to produce a digital flanger as a compact pedal until Boss released the BF-3 Flanger in 2002.

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