FX12 Tuna Guitar and Bass Tuner

FX12 Tuna (1996), with original box (notice anything missing?)

The FX12 Tuna was introduced at the Summer 1996 NAMM meeting, but it appears production was delayed by a few months as its instruction manual indicates "Printed in U.S.A. 10/96" (and also "100% Dolphin Safe"). As noted in its user reviews, some FX12 Tunas stay on even after the pedal's footswitch is depressed. DOD's footswitches are not known for their reliability, but in this case the problem appears to be the fault of the circuit itself. The FX12 was produced into 1998, and its box was restyled to match the final series. However, the graphics on the pedal were not updated, and it appears that the FX12 was not part of the "made in China" VFX series.

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