FX101 Grind Rectifying Overdrive

FX101 Grind Rectifying Overdrive from Fall 1998, with original box

The FX101 Grind Rectifying Overdrive was introduced at Summer NAMM 1996, along with the FX100 Integrated Tube Even Harmonic Overdrive pedal. Sharing the same circuitboard as the FX100, the FX101 was voiced to emulate modern Mesa/Boogie-esque rectified distortion, and despite its name is really a high-gain distortion pedal rather than an overdrive pedal. In a first for DOD, the FX101 and FX100 also included a speaker emulator output jack, for plugging directly into a mixing board or a recorder. Although the FX101 was generally well-received, it was discontinued by late 1998 as DOD revised their effects pedal lineup.

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