FX64 Ice Box

All three cosmetic variants of the FX64 Ice Box, from 1996 (left), 1997, and 1998

The FX64 Ice Box debuted at Winter NAMM 1996 as one of the five new "final series" FX pedals. Its design was at least loosely derived from the FX65 Stereo Chorus, but with a high EQ tone control (a feature that Boss had introduced with their CH-1 in 1989). The FX64 Ice Box was apparently marketed as the "flagship" pedal of their new chassis design/final series of pedals, as it was the only pedal of the five to be advertised at first (see Ad copy, below). In 1998, the FX64 was one of the pedals given a cosmetic "facelift" before production moved to China with the VFX series.

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