FX70P Big Pig Fat Distortion (MF70)

FX70P Big Pig Fat Distortion (1999)

The FX70P Big Pig Fat Distortion was apparently offered only in 1999, and exclusively through Musician's Friend (hence the "MF70" designation seen in some advertisements). Using the same circuitboard as the FX69B Grunge, the FX70P was voiced like the FX70 Metal X and FX70C Corrosion before it (e.g., Mesa/Boogie rectifier-esque distortion). The FX70P appears to have been discontinued when production shifted to China for the VFX series, although DOD continued its relationship with Musician's Friend/Guitar Center with the release of the made in China GFX series, where the GFX70 was based on the FX70P.

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