DFX5 Digital Turbo Distortion

DFX5 Digital Turbo Distortion from late 1989, with original box

The DFX5 Digital Turbo Distortion was introduced at Winter NAMM 1989 as part of DOD's digital DFX series, although production appears to have been delayed as its instruction manual is dated 11/89. It was advertised with the DFX6 and DFX9 in early 1990, and also appeared in DOD's FX.CAT90A catalog (see below). Conceptually, it is very similar to the DOD FX57 Hard Rock Distortion, except that its delay uses 12-bit digital circuitry instead of analog BBD chips and has a longer delay setting (up to 90 ms). Like DOD's other distortion pedals of the time, its Tone knob boosts low frequencies when turned counterclockwise, high frequencies when turned clockwise, and is neutral at the middle position. Relative to the DFX6 Digital Stereo Chorus (which was advertised but never produced) and the DFX7 Digital Stereo Flanger (which was planned but never advertised), the DFX5 was wildly successful in that we have now seen a dozen different DFX5 pedals on eBay within the last four years. However, it must not have sold well enough to be viable, and the DFX5 was discontinued by mid-1990.

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