FX66 Flashback Fuzz

Early-issue FX66 Flashback Fuzz (1999), with well-worn original box

The FX66 Flashback Fuzz was announced at Winter NAMM 1999, and was the last FX-series pedal introduced by DOD. Using the same circuitboard as the FX69B Grunge but with fewer components (C13, C21, C22, R37, R39, and Q8 are missing, and other parts such as the op amps are likewise different), the FX66 offers less gain but more fuzzy brittleness. The FX66 is not a Fuzz Face clone, but is definitely voiced closer to a Fuzz Face than the Big Muff-esque high gain of the FX69B Grunge. The vast majority of FX66 pedals were made in China as part of the "VFX" series, but it appears that at least the very first production run was made in the U.S.A.

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