America's Pedal - DOD/DigiTech Literature

The archive of scans and photos of DOD/DigiTech literature includes 58 advertisements and 13 catalogs thus far. In addition, the archive includes published reviews of 28 different FX-series pedals, plus blurbs/annoucements of many more pedals. The History section was started in 2013 with scans of two interviews with DOD engineer Jason Lamb.

Although this website is specifically focused on DOD's FX-series of effects pedals, this section will also include information on other DOD/DigiTech products, especially the DOD Performer series of pedals and DigiTech's PDS-series of twin pedals. Please check back for additional catalog scans. In In 2014, we hope to add DOD product info from 1980s/1990s buyers guide magazines as well as 1990s musical instrument mail order catalogs (Musician's Friend, etc.), as a sort of "time capsule" look at what was new and what was "pushed" back in the day.

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